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Wireless and Mobility

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, enterprise organisations have to accommodate the growing number of connected devices. As the Internet of Things grows beyond laptops, smartphones and tablets, a properly designed wireless solution enhances your users’ experience. This extends beyond traditional WiFi to include LoRaWAN and other emerging IoT networking technologies.

Allcom designs Wireless and Mobility Solutions based on experience, best practices, selecting suitable products and by continually engaging with stakeholders. We deliver the optimal user experience and solutions to support your Workspace Innovation and agile working environments. BYOD policies are developed to enhance your connected mobile experiences such as wayfinding, location-based services and analytics which can provide new revenue streams.

Our wireless site assessment leads to cost reduction and effective deployment by:-

  • Ensuring you’ll be able to effectively implement future mobility services, such as data, voice or location based services.
  • Saving you time and money by first planning and preparing for what is to be built.
  • Identifying the right components (access points and antennas) you need to provide wireless coverage.
  • Identifying the optimal placement of wireless devices and components based on RF analysis.
  • Recommending the features and functions necessary to ensure your wireless architecture is secure.