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Digital Networks

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  • Data Centre Networks
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  • SDx
  • Hyperconvergence
Digital Networks

The best, most effective and sustainable network is not all about the technology. It is about how well your network serves your operational and strategic objectives and how optimised your network is to transport your critical business services and applications. It’s the critical link between people, customers and information.

Balancing business and technology pressures is a constant challenge. You need to improve operations by lowering costs, reducing risks and enhancing customer experience. We identify and document the current and future states of your digital network. Whether the best solution is for you to migrate, retire, refresh or maintain — most likely, some combination of these — we can help you understand the options.

Allcom has the consulting, architecture design and engineering expertise to deliver:

  • Enterprise and Campus networking architectures
  • Modernise Data Centre networking technologies, including Hyperconvergence, Orchestration and Automation
  • Achieve network performance that exceeds expectations, ensuring maximum business continuity
  • Design your network to support productivity-enabling applications
  • Lower operational costs leveraging SDx and other emerging technologies:
    • Ensure underlying Service Level Targets are achievable
    • Baseline lifecycle asset management