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Allcomís security services help organisations better leverage their security budgets to achieve growing business requirements for security. Whether it's implementing a security framework, a security roadmap or merely helping its customers understand the start and finish to security, our goal is to help organisations better prioritise, engage strategically and better leverage their budgets to achieve corporate security objectives rather than opting for point solutions.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing services give organisations a peace of mind they are protected from malicious and/or unauthorised access.

When selecting Infrastructure or Web Application penetration testing customers can be assured the testing is conducted by qualified Australian based experts, utilising the latest tools and delivered to robust international testing methodologies.

All testing is based on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTIM) and The Open Web Application Security Project Methodology (OWASP).

Email & Web Filtering

Allcom works with Gartner quadrant leading technologies ensuring organisations can conduct business over the internet securely.

The industry best-in-class technologies provide capabilities such as:

  • Spam Protection

  • Virus Protection

  • Malware Protection

  • Protection again known malicious sites

  • Enforce group policies for web browsing

  • Track data leakage

  • Per user level reporting.

Whether providing an enterprise wide e-mail/web solution or merely protecting a remote office, Allcom has the expertise.

Perimeter Security

Allcom help secure organisations from external threats by assisting with the planning, architecture and build of secure robust perimeter security environments.

In utilising Allcom, organisations can be assured all work and methodologies are aligned to international security standards.

When it comes to Perimeter Security, Allcomís highly skilled consultants are available to assist. Our consultants provide services such as:

  • Gateway Architecture

  • Trust Level Segmentation

  • Access Manager Design (reverse proxy)

  • Firewalling &Intrusion Prevention Design

  • Web Application Firewalling

  • Security Information and Event Monitoring

Authentication, Authorisation & Access Control

Whether looking to enforce authentication and authorisation on the network or device, Allcom can help organisations implement the appropriate controls.

Allcom have a breadth of experience helping organisations implement gateway controls, such as firewalls, IPS Systems, 2-Factor Authentication, WAF Firewalls and reverse proxies, to single-sign-on and encryption.

Remote Access

Organisations looking for a remote access solution or fully integrated end-point solution can be assured Allcom can assist to deliver the right solution.

Allcom currently works with industry leading technology to provide both SSL and IPSec remote access solutions to its customers.



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