Allcom Evolve

Simplified Cyber Risk Advice and Assessment Consulting

When it comes to protecting your data and assets, your people, processes, and technology must work together. To achieve consistent enforcement throughout the IT environment, every element must be aligned with your business needs. But optimising the cost, complexity, and risk of this alignment can be a daunting challenge. Security is a journey – we can provide the map.

At Allcom, we translate your business and security vision into an enterprise capable of not only transformation, but evolution. By using Allcom Evolve to rate your cyber risk profile, we provide simplified advice and assessment of your business risk.

  • Speed of cyber risk assessment

    Speed of cyber risk assessment

    Currently the process can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks – our tool will help you gain an assessment within a matter of hours

  • Low cost

    Low cost

    Our tool will produce a cyber risk assessment for a fraction of the cost it currently costs to engage cyber risk experts to do

  • Thoroughness


    We have developed a thorough commercial cyber risk assessment based on tried and tested methodologies and processes

  • Continuous process improvement

    Continuous process improvement

    Our tool will incorporate new cyber risk assessment criteria in real time as they come to hand

  • Collective knowledge sharing

    Collective knowledge sharing

    Our tool will disseminate the collective knowledge and key learnings of our customer and partner base

  • Self-validation


    Our tool will enable you to determine the single source of truth for your business and its risk exposure

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